UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update June 2024

June 28th, 2024

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It’s amazing to think we’re already halfway through 2024, and the momentum here at Team UTOPIA is only picking up speed! This month, we’ve got some exciting updates to share, from footprint completions in West Haven to exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with our incredible team members. Get ready for a fun glimpse into what we’ve been up to this month! 

Footprint releases

This was an exciting month for West Haven with a total of 2,018  addresses released for connection on our network across two footprint releases! This month we completed the final phases for both WHV04 (664 addresses) and WHV02 (1,354 addresses). Check out our sign-up page to see if your address can get connected today!

Blog Posts

Interview With An IT Manager
We’re back with another exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the departments here at UTOPIA Fiber! This month, we’re chatting with IT Manager Blaine Clegg to learn all about what it’s like to work in the Information and Technology department at UTOPIA Fiber!

Connect with Dad Jokes: Celebrating Father’s Day with UTOPIA Fiber!
Join us this month as we celebrate dads everywhere with some good old-fashioned dad jokes that are so cheesy, they should come with a side of crackers.

UTOPIA Fiber in the News

Check out who’s talking about us in the news:

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