Job Type: Full-Time

Pay Range/Benefits: Competitive/Full benefits package

Hiring Range:  $72,560-90,700; Full Range:  $72,569-108,840

UTOPIA Treasurer Job Description

The treasurer is responsible for managing and arranging the funds of both Utopia and UIA and their related affairs. The main job function is to manage the finances in such a way that minimizes the risk, prevents financial crisis, and makes sure that there is no shortage of cash for day-to-day operations as well as covering long-term plans for network buildout.  Responsible for maintaining a relationship with investors, credit rating agencies, bankers, and lenders.  Makes or helps in making the finance-related decisions of each agency as well as helping the CFO in strategic decisions, so that vision and goals of the agencies go hand in hand.  Supervises the maintenance of internal control to safeguard assets and the integrity of the monetary system.

The treasurer maintains a favorable financial position so that both agencies run smoothly. The primary job description of the treasurer includes the following:

Accounting and Fiscal Control:

  • Makes or directs for the preparation of financial records, financial plans, policies, and other reports
  • Ensures that no financial problems arise in the organization.
  • Makes sure that sufficient funds are available for operating, financing, investing, and other activities, etc.

Makes Financial Planning:

  • Does financial planning and analysis and forecasts the cash flow for planning, arranging, or investing the funds
  • Participates in the development of the organization’s plans and programs
  • Evaluates whether funds to be invested will be in financing activities or investing activities
  • Analyzes the outcome of financial plans and accordingly reevaluates

Manages the Functions of short-term or long-term financial needs. Determines or plans proper capital structure. Manages the risk through planning. Manages investor relationships and directs or helps management regarding strategic functions.

Other duties for which the Treasurer is responsible include

  • Complete monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual Utah Money Management reports, transparency reports, and surplus property reports as required by the State.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations and reconciling journal entries
  • Develop and implement daily, monthly, and quarterly cash forecasting models
  • Monitor and analyze UTOPIA/UIA investments with PTID and Moreton Asset Management
  • Monitor the company’s risks and losses. Keeps insurer updated of changes.
  • Mentor and develop staff to support the daily operations of the Finance department
  • Assist with the development of automated systems to ease financial reporting functions
  • Monitor and manage bond requisition process. Reconcile Trust accounts.
  • Manage the American Express company account.
  • Manage the Concur company account.
  • Assist with accounting functions as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

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