UTOPIA Fiber has rolled out thousands of miles of reliable fiber optic cable from Tremonton to Payson. Find out if our light-speed connectivity is now available in your neighborhood.



Light speed performance up to 30 times faster than average internet speeds


Unprecedented fiber optic speed and reliability; stream, game, and connect with the fastest internet in the nation

Dedicated Connection

A dedicated connection to your home or office, so you’ll never experience slow connectivity due to shared lines again


Choose Your Internet Service Provider

Our unique open access model means that UTOPIA Fiber owns and manages the fiber optic infrastructure, then leases the lines to local private Internet Service Providers (ISPs), so you can choose whichever ISP best fits your needs.


Here’s what some of our customers are saying about UTOPIA Fiber.

“I’ve had a great experience with Utopia. My billing and installation questions were handled quickly and professionally. We picked Xmission as our ISP and have had great service with them too!”

Dennis McIntyre

“I’m so glad it’s available in Midvale! 2 pros worked the lines and I’m very happy with the speed!! Nice welcome packet too LOL!”

Bennie Ong

“The install crews were awesome, and took care to get things back the way they were before they started. Customer service has been good when I have called. Right after install I noticed we were not close to the gig speeds signed up for. They sent someone out, who confirmed it. 2 days later it was fixed, turned out it was a bad optic at the base station. Every thing is running fine.”

Doug Payne

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