10 Gbps Information

We offer the fastest internet service speed you can get in the U.S. – 10 Gbps! So, how fast is 10 gigs? Well, you could download a 4K movie in less than 30 seconds or you could stream around 1,700 movies simultaneously. The possibilities are endless. For FAQ’s, more detailed configurations, and more, just keep on scrolling!


Home Router Info

The basic home router setup will involve having the port that is plugged into the UTOPIA Fiber network set up for DHCP. A second interface on a port facing the customer’s devices should be configured using as the router interface. NAT should be used to connect home devices.

10 Gbps FAQ’s

What providers offer 10 Gbps service?

Currently, Advanced Stream, brigham.net, Sumo Fiber, Veracity Networks, and XMission all offer 10 Gbps services. 

What is the data cap?

Each ISP is different. You will need to contact them directly about their limitations, but you can see basic terms of service here.

What is the cost for a 10 Gbps connection?

UTOPIA Fiber’s connection cost is $30/month. ISP pricing is as follows:

  • Advanced Stream: $199.99
  • brigham.net: $199.99/month
  • Sumo Fiber: Premium, $200.00 – Basic $170.00
  • Veracity Networks: $199.99/month
  • XMission: $250/month

You can find all pricing options here under Table 1.

What are the contract options?
  • Advanced Stream: Does not require any contract.
  • brigham.net: Requires a 1-year contract on new installs.
  • Sumo Fiber: Does not require any contract.
  • Veracity Networks: Requires a 2-year contract.
  • XMission: Does not require any contract.

You can find UTOPIA Fiber’s contract options here under Table 2.

Is this service available anywhere on the network?


How long does this take to get installed?

Minimum 15 business days

What should I realistically expect on a speed test?
  • When connected via wired connection to the router, and when all equipment supports the higher speed, we have seen speed test results of up to 9.5 Gbps for 10 Gbps service.
  • Not all speed test services support testing speeds higher than 1Gbps. When using a speed test server, try to pick out one that is provided by your ISP to get more accurate results.
  • Newer Wi-Fi 6E routers also offer options for high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. These routers require the device to also have WiFi6e support or higher to be able to take advantage of the higher speeds. Speeds tested over wireless may vary as they are more subject to environmental conditions, and we always recommend connecting with a wired connection when possible.
    • Our testing on Wi-Fi 6e has seen speeds at around 1.2Gbps/950Mbps up on an eero Pro 6e. In general, you will not see 10Gbps speeds over Wi-Fi 6e or lower standards.
  • To utilize a high-speed connection like 10Gbps, some older devices won’t be able to handle the bandwidth. You might have to make hardware upgrades to better use the new connection speed.
What kind of equipment do I need?

In order to connect to the UTOPIA Fiber network, you will need to provide the following:

  • A Cat6 cable and a router that has a 10Gbps WAN (Wide Area Network) port (depending on which service you go with).
    • Some routers have only one 10Gbps port on them for the WAN connection. These routers will allow the router to use the higher speed connection, but individual devices connected to 1Gbps ports in your home will not be able to use the full speed of the connection. They do allow for multiple devices connected to different ports to have higher speeds at the same time
  •  You do not need any fiber or fiber optics if you are a new 10Gbps customer, we will only be using RJ-45 handoffs for this service for any new installations.
Are fiber (SFP+) handoffs still supported?

If you wish to have a fiber handoff, ask UTOPIA customer service during sign-up. There is a $500 upgrade fee to have a fiber handoff.

Will you provide a router?

No, you will need to purchase your own router to use with these connections.

What kind of router do I need?
  • For 10Gbps service, we have tested these two routers in our office, and they have been performing well.
    • Archer BE800 | BE19000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Router | TP-Link
    • ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 | Routers | ROG United States (asus.com)
  • If you are a power user, these are some router only devices that may be worth considering. You would have to provide Wi-Fi using separate devices.
    • Netgate 6100 BASE pfSense+ Software – VPN, Routing, & Firewall Hardware Appliance
    • MikroTik Routers and Wireless – Products: CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS
    • MikroTik Routers and Wireless – Products: RB5009UG+S+IN
    • Dream Machine Special Edition – Ubiquiti Store United States
      • This device is a combo NVR, PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Switch, and UniFi controller.