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Interview With A Marketing Manager

September 18th, 2023

A new month means a new interview with one of our incredible employees for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into life at UTOPIA Fiber! This month we’re talking to our Marketing Manager Lexi Christensen to get the scoop on what it’s like to work on the marketing team here at UTOPIA Fiber! 

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UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update August 2023

August 31st, 2023

It has been an incredible month here at UTOPIA Fiber, and we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things that have happened! From construction announcements and making waves in the news to exciting footprint releases here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening!

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Optimizing Connectivity: A Guide to Router & ONT MaintenanceOptimizing Connectivity:

August 18th, 2023

Performing maintenance on any device can seem intimidating, especially when it comes to the devices that help connect you to the internet! If this task seems scary or daunting you are not alone, and that’s why we are here to walk you through the best practices for taking care of your router and ONT unit.

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UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update July 2023

July 31st, 2023

July has been an exciting month for us here at Team UTOPIA! From exciting groundbreaking announcements to even more addresses being released, the weather isn’t the only thing that has been heating up! Keep reading to learn more about what we’ve been up to this month. 

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NOC Tech 1

Interview With An Network Operations Technician

July 21st, 2023

It’s time for another behind-the-scenes look at the employees of UTOPIA Fiber! This month we are talking to Network Operations Technician Matt Webber to learn what it’s like to work in the Network Operations Center at UTOPIA Fiber.

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UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update June 2023

June 30th, 2023

It’s hard to believe that we are officially halfway through 2023! This year is flying by, and we can’t wait to share with you all that we’ve been up to this month!

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Interview With A Outside Plant Engineering Manager

Interview With An Outside Plant Engineering Manager

June 23rd, 2023

In today’s interview, we’re talking to our Outside Plant Engineering Manager, Brian Kelsey to get all the details about what it’s like working on the network planning side of UTOPIA Fiber.

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UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update May 2023

June 1st, 2023

May has been an exciting month for us here at Team UTOPIA and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to. From the first addresses in Santa Clara being released to learning what it’s like to be a customer service rep, keep reading to stay up to date on all things UTOPIA Fiber.

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Interview With A Customer Service Representative

May 18th, 2023

One of the best things about UTOPIA Fiber is the people that work here, and the dedication they have to providing the best internet connection to our customers.

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UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update April 2023

April 26th, 2023

April has been an incredible month for UTOPIA Fiber as we pick up the pace on fiber installations. This month alone we’ve had 8 phases of different footprints released and 1,596 addresses added to our network!

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