UTOPIA Fiber Announces Partnership with Morgan City, Utah

November 5th, 2019

Construction on High-Speed Fiber Network to Be Completed by Spring 2020

Morgan, UTAH (November 5th, 2019) — UTOPIA Fiber, Utah’s open-access fiber optic network, will bring the fastest internet speeds in the nation to Morgan City. Morgan is the second city to partner with UTOPIA Fiber within the last year.

Morgan City Council unanimously voted to partner with UTOPIA Fiber to improve internet service throughout their city. Morgan is a small, rural community with approximately 1,600 homes that will soon have better connectivity than major U.S. cities. Faster and more reliable internet connections will make a significant impact on their local businesses and community, which includes over 150 home-based businesses.

Morgan will see its first UTOPIA Fiber connections in early November. By spring of 2020 all areas in Morgan will be completed and ready to connect. The starting price for 250/250 Mbps is approximately $65/month. There are no hidden fees, upfront costs, or install expenses. UTOPIA Fiber also doesn’t have any contracts; everything is on month-to month terms.

The City of Morgan will be holding an open house with UTOPIA Fiber on Wednesday, November 20th at 7 pm in the Morgan High School Auditorium. Representatives from UTOPIA Fiber and their internet service providers will be there to answer any questions the public has.

“We are thrilled to bring UTOPIA Fiber to our growing community,” said Morgan City’s Mayor, Ray Little. “Our residents and businesses have been in dire need of better, faster, and more reliable options for internet and UTOPIA Fiber will be providing the best possible solution for our city.”

This project adds Morgan to the 12 Utah cities who already benefit from UTOPIA Fiber’s publicly-owned fiber network. Unlike private providers, UTOPIA Fiber projects are open-access, making the fiber system available to local and national providers. UTOPIA Fiber gives consumers the option to choose from 11 competing service providers and the flexibility to switch between providers while keeping their fiber connection.

Morgan residents can visit UTOPIAfiber.com to find a build-out timeline and information on how to sign up for UTOPIA Fiber services.

About UTOPIA Fiber

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) is a community-owned fiber optic network utilizing light to transfer information, making it the fastest communication and data transfer technology in use today. Created by a group of Utah cities, UTOPIA Fiber supports open-access and promotes competition in all telecommunication services.



Kim McKinley

Chief Marketing Officer, UTOPIA Fiber