How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

April 9th, 2020


Now that the Internet is your lifeline for talking with friends and family, getting work done, and using telemedicine, your Wi-Fi signal has never been more important. UTOPIA Fiber wants to make sure your Internet is running as fast it can during this uncertain time. Check out our tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Wi-Fi signal.

  • Set your router up high: Keep your router off the ground, about 5-7 feet off the floor. Wi-Fi routers emit radio waves, which spread out and down from their source. The router should be placed in the center of your house (or as close as you can get), so your Wi-Fi signal can reach as far as possible. 
  • Best places to put your router:
    • On a mantle in a central room.
    • On a coffee table placed strategically in a central living space.
    • On the second-floor landing (if you don’t have a basement).
  • Worst places to put your router:
    • Near metal objects. Metal will absorb your signal and decrease your Internet speeds. Devices such as your TV, microwave, or gaming consoles can also impact your Internet’s performance.
    • Near windows or mirrors. You will essentially throw your signal out the window (or have it reflected right back to the router) if you place your router near reflective surfaces.
    • Next to fish tanks: Water poses a lot of resistance for an Internet signal. If you stick your router next to your 5-foot aquarium, you’ll cast a massive shadow for devices on the other side of the water.
  • Christmas lights may be fun for you, but not for your Internet connection: Every holiday season, ISPs receive a spike in complaints that Internet connections are running slowly. The culprit: that festive tree in your living room. Make sure to limit the time you use festive lights and expect a slight decrease in speed when it is on.
  • Regularly reboot your router: Rebooting your router allows it to take a break and perform needed system updates. Try setting up your router to reboot automatically when you are not using your Internet (late at night, for example) by using an outlet timer. 
  • Make your Internet secure: Be sure to create a strong password that will prevent strangers from accessing your network. Extra users slow your Internet connection by taking up extra bandwidth. That’s why we recommend that all homeowners protect access to their Wi-Fi with a complex password.
  • Run fewer applications: This one may be obvious but turn off applications when they are not being used. This will free up bandwidth for the things you need to be doing online.
  • Upgrade Your Router: If there’s an area in your home with limited or no Internet connectivity, consider adding a Wi-Fi extender or upgrading your router. A list of recommended routers can be found here.

If you are still experiencing slow speeds despite doing everything on our list, reach out to your ISP and they will work to troubleshoot these issues with you. Contact information for all our ISP’s can be found here.