Top TikTok Trends of 2021

February 10th, 2022

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It’s safe to say that social media has become a big part of modern-day life. It is always growing and introducing more platforms for sharing! Over the course of the pandemic, a new platform has exploded in popularity becoming the latest weapon in killing time and boredom. If you don’t know what it is already, allow us to introduce TikTok, a new short video sharing platform that allows users to create 15 seconds to 3-minute videos to share on their profile.

The content consists mostly of people participating in trends, which are usually dances or lip-syncing to popular audio files. There are also popular content creators who post humorous skits, life hacks, advice, or story times. All this adds up to a fun app that has a little bit of everything and a little bit of something for everyone.

Now that you know what TikTok is, check out some of our favorite trends from 2021:

Bones or no bones day

Say hello to noodle the pug. This popular trend centered on noodle the pug and if he could stand up (had bones) or if he flopped back on his bed (no bones). If it was a “no bones day” it meant that you were meant to stay in bed for self-care and take it easy. If it was a “bones day” it meant that it was a productive day to go out and do stuff!

Here comes the boy

This was a fun audio clip that people used to showcase their cute pets or significant others.

Good soup

This was a fun audio trend taken from a clip featuring Adam Driver. People used this audio to showcase things they thought were good. These things ranged from books and recipes to therapy and significant others.

Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!

Another audio trend that is taken from a clip of a kid exclaiming that their family table is broken. The audio was put to videos having to deal with accidents, pets, books, and more. It also inspired remixes of the audio with popular songs.

Sea Shanties

This is a cool trend that spotlighted old sea shanties used by sailors. Talented singers across the app created their take on the sea shanties and some were created by multiple artists building on each other’s videos to create an incredible end result.

What do you think of our list? Did we miss any? Let us know on our socials what your favorite TikTok trends are!