Pay Your Bill

We have a new payment provider! We will be accepting online payments through Xpress Bill Pay. Many of you are already Xpress Bill Pay users and we are excited to provide our customers with many new and enhanced features with this switch.

Next Steps:

You will be receiving an email with your September 2021 invoice from Xpress Bill Pay sometime between September 8-10. You can register for your account directly from that email.

If you had recurring auto-pay setup with ePay, our previous provider, you will need to re-establish your auto-pay with Xpress Bill Pay.

If you already have an existing Xpress Bill Pay account, you will be able to link your UTOPIA Fiber account to your existing account. If you need assistance doing this, please contact Xpress Bill Pay at 800-766-2350 or

More information on Xpress bill Pay can be found here.

To access or register your account, click the button below:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Xpress Bill Pay directly at 800-766-2350 and


UTOPIA Fiber at 801-613-3880 and

When do I need to register for an Xpress Bill Pay account?

As soon as possible. ePay will eventually be disabled, so we need all customers to transition to Xpress Bill Pay as soon as they can.

Is my monthly payment amount changing?

No. Your bill amount will stay the same. We are only switching payment providers, not your price.

What is my account number?

Your account number will be included in your September invoice that will be sent sometime between September 8-10th.

You can also use your Customer ID that you received when you signed up for UTOPIA Fiber initially. Both numbers will work.

If you don’t know or can’t find your account number or Customer ID, you can contact Xpress Bill Pay at 800-766-2350.

Will I still have access to ePay?

No. Once you register with Xpress Bill Pay, your ePay account will be disabled.

Do I need to cancel or delete anything from my ePay account?

No. When you register for Xpress Bill Pay, you do not need to delete your information from ePay as your account will be disabled. It will also automatically cancel out your autopay from ePay if you have that enabled.

Will I be able to see my past payment history in Xpress Bill Pay?

No, we are not transferring payment history to Xpress Bill Pay. If you need historical data from ePay, you can contact our Customer Service Department at 801-613-3880 or

What payment methods does Xpress Bill Pay accept?

You can pay your bills with a credit or debit card, or you can transfer funds directly from your checking account.

Will my bill pay I have set up through my bank still be in effect?

Yes. If you had automatic bill pay set up through your bank account, it will still be in effect with this transition.

Does Xpress Bill Pay have an app?

Yes, it is available through Android and iOS.

When will I receive my invoice every month?

For the month of September, you will see your invoice sometime between September 8-10. October 2021 and onward, you will receive invoices the first week of the month.

When is my bill due?

Payment is due the last day of the month.

Does this change affect my bill with my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

No. This will only affect your UTOPIA Fiber bill.