The 15 Most Visited Websites of 2020

October 22nd, 2020

We’ve all spent a lot of time online this year, more time than ever, according to recent studies. The MIT Technology Review reported that the time that the average American spends online every week has risen from 9.4 hours to 23.6 since 2000. But we were wondering, what websites get the most traffic? Well, rounded up the top 15 most visited websites. Let’s see where we’ve been spending our time online this year!

1. YouTube

Monthly global visitors: 8.5 billion

Monthly US visitors: 1.6 billion

Vloggers and Youtubers rejoice! YouTube is the winner of the most visited site globally and in the United States. Over half of all visitors use YouTube to learn, and 1 billion videos are viewed each day.  


2. Facebook

Monthly global visitors: 3.4 billion

Monthly US visitors: 512 million

A surprising runner-up award goes to Facebook, the most popular social media platform. A staggering 1.62 billion users visit Facebook daily.

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3. Wikipedia

Monthly global visitors: 2.2 billion

Monthly US visitors: 1 billion

Remember when your teachers said you couldn’t use Wikipedia as a source for your homework and papers? Well, Wikipedia is striking back and becoming a trusted source of information. They claimed the 3rd place spot and are only growing, adding more than 20,000 new articles each month.

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4. Twitter

Monthly global visitors: 2 billion

Monthly US visitors: 535 million

Coming in fourth in the world, Twitter actually beat out Facebook for monthly visitors in the United States. A big defeat for the social media giant!

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5. Amazon

Monthly global visitors: 618 million

Monthly US visitors: 492 million

Most people won’t be surprised to see Amazon on this list. As one of the biggest online shopping retailers (controlling 38% of the global eCommerce market!) Amazon is an obvious top contender.


6. Google Play  

Monthly global visitors: 594 million

Monthly US visitors: 68 million

This one is a little surprising. For all the iPhone users out there, Play Google is Android’s App Store. Currently, there are over 3 million apps for sale on Play Google.

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7. Instagram

Monthly global visitors: 525 million

Monthly US visitors: 96 million

Calling all influencers! The most popular app for teenagers made it into the top 10 most visited sites. But watch out Instagram; experts say that Tik Tok is coming for your target demographic.


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8. Pinterest

Monthly global visitors: 420 million

Monthly US visitors: 160 million

The number one site among DIY-ers just barely made it into the top 10. Pinterest, known for its décor, recipe, and outfit inspiration has more than 320 million monthly active users.

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9. Microsoft Outlook Live

Monthly global visitors: 419 million

Monthly US visitors: 20 million

Fun fact: According to, Outlook Live is the 9th most commonly visited site in the nation, but it’s only the 74th most popular in America. Looks like Gmail is still the preferred email platform for Americans this year.

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10. IMBD

Monthly global visitors: 389 million

Monthly US visitors: 168 million

Everyone’s number favorite site for answering the age-old question “what do I know this actor from?” comes in as number 10. IMDb is known as the go-to source of information related to films, television, and video games.

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11. Fandom

Monthly global visitors: 308 million

Monthly US visitors: 168 million

Okay, this one surprised us. Number 11 on the list is a popular (apparently, very popular!) website for fans to add their fan art and videos. According to the site, it represents more than 400 different pop culture communities.


12. Reddit

Monthly global visitors: 278 million

Monthly US visitors: 184 million

“The front page of the Internet” comes in as lucky number 12. More than 150 million pages are viewed on Reddit every day.

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13. Apple

Monthly global visitors: 217 million

Monthly US visitors: 58 million

The superpower behind the iPhone is no surprise to see on this list. It is actually the only page on this list that doesn’t offer any content other than selling products, showing just how much of an influence Apple has on our online lives.


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14. Netflix

Monthly global visitors: 215 million

Monthly US visitors: 37 million

Is anyone else surprised this wasn’t higher up on the list? What started as a mail-order DVD service is now the go-to spot for movie nights and tv binging. Netflix now has more than 167 million subscribers.

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15. MSN

Monthly global visitors: 206 million

Monthly US visitors: 30 million

The default page for those using Microsoft Internet browsers rounds out our list of the top 15 most visited sites in 2020. We’re wondering if this would have made its way onto this list if it wasn’t automatically opened when you log onto Internet Explorer. Regardless, it’s still one of the 15 most popular websites of 2020.

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And that concludes the list of the top 15 most visited sites! Check out the list below to see all the runner-ups.