What Could You Do With a 1-Gig Connection?

June 12th, 2012

Today, UTOPIA announced it is offering unheard of Internet speeds for residents: 1 gigabit-per-second connectivity. The numbers are pretty staggering: that’s 200 (!) times faster than the typical broadband connection of 5 MBPS.

So, what does that really mean? At today’s launch event for the 1-gig connection, we shared a video prepared by Steve Freebairn of West Valley City. Steve works in the film industry and is constantly working with sizable digital files. In Steve’s presentation, he demonstrated how he could transfer a 3.7GB file to his partner’s laptop in about a minute. That is less time than it takes to burn to disc a file of that size. And, while the file was transferring, Steve demonstrated how fast he could upload roughly 100MB of photos to a photo sharing site, and showed results of a connectivity speed test (they were impressive). Who isn’t frequently posting photos to Facebook or Flickr these days?

The speed is great, but the key is what it helps you accomplish. What it makes possible is illuminating. It’s not just a matter of not waiting for that iTunes movie download to finish, but getting things done—downloading the movie, having a Skype video call with your business partners, uploading files they need, and letting the kids stream a Netflix movie—all at the same time, without clogging the network. It’s a digital world out there; bandwidth and latency are the defining characteristics. With a 1-gig fiber connection, you have plenty of the former and none of the later.

Is a 1-gig connection right for everyone? Probably not, but those who try it may find it hard to live without it. A 1-gig connection is especially suitable for those who work from home or otherwise frequently deal with large files, or lots of small and medium files—wedding photographers, software designers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers. It could be just what they need to get the job done, be competitive, and enjoy greater success.

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