“UTOPIA is a no brainer”

August 17th, 2012

As a very happy UTOPIA customer, I am glad for the chance to briefly share my experience with the great service I have received.

When I was first approached by UTOPIA, I had some reservations given it was a new product. I am generally conservative and take more of the “wait and see” approach to new products; I prefer to wait for the bugs to get worked out. This time I made my decision based on several factors.

First, I work from a home office and my Internet connections, reliability, and speed are important for me to conduct business. I was very interested in a product that provided those benefits. It was common for me to lose my internet connections which required a reboot of my modem which didn’t always solve the problem. That one issue alone was frustrating and caused downtime.

I was also very interested in faster computer speeds to help increase my productivity. When presented with the option of the 10-year payment plan, I was unsure. But, when the 2-year lease option became available, I jumped on board. I am now enjoying a great service that is exactly what I was promised which has more than met my expectations. I can say that I have not had one instance where I have lost my connection during the past four or five months that I have had the service.

My internet speeds are far superior to my prior experience. In addition to those important factors, my monthly service fees stayed flat. I pay the same today as I was paying before. Why would I not switch to a service that costs the same but is far better than what I had before? To me, it made sense and in retrospect it has been a no brainer. I know there has been plenty of public criticism, but I made the decision that made sense for me and my family. I have no regrets and in fact it has been a very good change. I thank UTOPIA for providing a quality product at a competitive price to compete in the market place. I would encourage anyone else who is considering it, to give it a try.

Dan Heath


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