Noah Webster Academy Saves with UTOPIA Network

November 8th, 2012

Noah Webster Academy is a charter school (K through 6th) in Orem, and represents a partnership of students, parents, teachers and administration who are committed to common objectives and to creating a safe, nurturing, disciplined environment. The Academy is committed to inspiring excellence in students through a curriculum that is classical in nature. Seeing that effort through are 57 members of the faculty and staff.

For more than five years, the UTOPIA network has also played a part in helping to educate students at Noah Webster Academy. According to Rick Kempton, Academy Director, the school subscribed to the network to enjoy lower monthly costs while receiving more bandwidth, dollar-for-dollar. In terms of usage, the network is a great benefit because, in his words, “With quicker access to the Internet, we can retrieve relevant educational content and media for classroom use.”

Additional savings come from avoiding one-time expenditures for dial tone access the Academy would otherwise incur for telephone service. “By having access to UTOPIA, with the help of the Utah Education Network and the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, we’ve been able to reallocate funds that would otherwise be used to purchase bandwidth,” Kempton explains.

The Academy also benefits from the open access nature of the network. “UTOPIA gives us access to multiple service providers, allowing us to choose a carrier that best meets our requirements.”