UTOPIA and West Valley City

January 28th, 2013


By Wayne Pyle
City Manager
West Valley City

UTOPIA has become an intricate part of West Valley City’s infrastructure, residential communities, and business districts. We have been thorough in our efforts to assist residents and businesses in becoming educated on how tapping into UTOPIA’s services can be extremely beneficial for them; and our businesses have taken to these benefits quickly.

Since bringing UTOPIA into our city, we have gained new strengths in supporting our current businesses. These businesses have thrived on the remarkable 10Gbps speeds UTOPIA offers that no other available network can provide. To the average person, 10Gbps (10 gigabits per second) may seem excessive and extreme, but to our businesses, it is necessary. We have seen that not only do modern and growing businesses require these high speeds, but are able to reach new markets and thrive as the increase in speed offers new opportunities.

As we continue to move forward advertising our city as a competitive option in which to do business, UTOPIA will be the “X factor” that separates us from other options. Businesses nowadays are constantly looking for opportunities to be at the cutting edge of innovation and technology. Without sufficient bandwidth capabilities to support these cutting-edge movements, they will be unsuccessful in their efforts. UTOPIA’s capabilities, alongside our unique benefits, make West Valley City the option for businesses to find a place that can support their infrastructure needs and growth. Also, as UTOPIA continues to develop and be expanded in West Valley City, we are excited for the opportunities our residents will have to benefit from it. Our residents will have another viable option and consideration for all their telecommunication needs.

UTOPIA will continue to push the edges of what is possible inside our homes, our businesses, and our everyday lives; but in order for UTOPIA to reach its ultimate potential, our citizens must support the network. We are confident that their support will follow as they learn of and demand UTOPIA’s benefits.