A “Life Changing” Experience with UTOPIA’s 1 Gig Connection

February 14th, 2013


In January, we shared the experience Steve Freebairn has had with a 1 Gig connection from UTOPIA. In this post, his partner, Zach Hilton shares his.

Using the UTOPIA 1Gbps connection for the past eight months has been a wonderful experience. At Freehill Productions, we deal with large amounts of data from all kinds of cameras and media, and by large amounts, we’re talking 500-1000 GB a day. Being able to move that amount of data around—essentially from the comfort of my home—is life changing.

The download speeds are phenomenal, but for us, the best part is the upload speed. No other service or connection can provide equally high speeds on the download AND the upload, especially to a residential location. “You need 500 gigs of data uploaded so you can access it whenever and wherever you are, and you need it today?” No problem.

For example, we are just finishing up a six-week project where a feature film shot here in Utah needed the footage uploaded directly to a post-production house in Los Angeles. Each night, a drive was delivered to our Salt Lake location and then uploaded. This eliminated the expense of shipping drives to and from California. The amount of drives required and time involved to get the job done was reduced. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. That’s what we were able to achieve with that project. For the production company, they got their media quicker and more efficiently. Definitely a win–win. Without the 1 Gig connection, we wouldn’t have been able to provide that service.

In addition to providing fast data transfer to clients, we are able to pass files around between our Salt Lake location and Centerville location as if we were on the same network. We can work and communicate at our respective locations, and the distance between our computers is not an issue anymore. Having the resources and connection available to pass around large amounts of data quickly has expedited our research and development and company growth.

On top of all the data transfer, I still have plenty of bandwidth to facilitate normal Internet traffic at home. Between streaming media, large downloads for my work computers, hosting media servers, internet surfing, etc., all of the activities co-exist without a hiccup.

The abilities and possibilities that the 1 Gig connection provides are endless. We are no longer limited by how we are connected to the world, and in turn, our clients. Hours of data transfer have been reduced to a fraction of that. Now we can focus more on providing efficient and cost-effective solutions to our clients, communicate and transfer quicker than ever between our offices, all while maintaining a more than pleasant Internet experience for the normal day-to-day at home. The UTOPIA 1 Gig connection has been fantastic!

Zach Hilton
Freehill Productions