UTOPIA Statement on Provo City, Google Fiber Partnership Announcement

April 18th, 2013

UTOPIA member cities and employees congratulate Provo City on the opportunity to become the third Google Fiber city in the U.S.

“This announcement validates the vision our member cities have been working toward since they undertook the project of delivering ultrahigh-speed broadband to their constituents 11 years ago,” said Todd Marriott, Executive Director of UTOPIA.  “We maintain that broadband access ubiquity is a right and a necessity for our residents and businesses to succeed in the information age and our member cities will continue their efforts to provide what private companies have been unwilling to until now.”

UTOPIA applauds Provo City for leveraging its public investment to obtain the resources necessary to achieve ubiquitous connectivity for its residents, who will continue to support the system’s bond payments.  Provo’s residents will now be able to appreciate the same gigabit-capable broadband access UTOPIA customers have enjoyed since June 2012.