Not Much Has Changed

July 19th, 2013

Remember the annoying noise your computer would make when you jumped onto AOL? How many fights were caused when someone started using the phone in the middle of your page loading? Or vice versa, how many important phone calls did you miss when someone was on the Internet? How much has changed since the days of dial up and AOL? Not much.

Have you ever wondered why uploading a photo to Facebook, or video to YouTube took so long? That’s because your Internet bandwidth is like a rubber band.

Imagine pulling on a rubber band, by yourself it would take a lot of effort to break it. Now imagine that you and a friend began pulling on the same rubber band, less effort would be needed from the both of you. Now image 3 people pulling on that rubber band then 4 and 5 people, soon it will take little to no effort for that rubber band to break.

Not much has changed in twenty years, so “Get off the phone!” has turned into “Turn off the Netflix!” or “Stop downloading from iTunes!”. While you’re at it, open your window and tell your neighbor’s kid to “Get off your Xbox!”. It’s their fault that your Netflix has to buffer, and their fault that your Skype call is so grainy. Is any of this sounding familiar?

At it’s peak AOL had 30 million members worldwide.  Now there are 240 million Internet users in the United States.   The need for more bandwidth is becoming more apparent in everyday life.  Who wants to miss the winning shot of the basketball game because of buffering?

Why is UTOPIA different?   UTOPIA can get you your own rubber band by providing a dedicated line to your home. No need to worry who is pulling on the rubber band with UTOPIA who can give you speeds up to 1 GB residential service through one of our service providers on our fiber optics lines.

So get greedy Utah… And get the connection you deserve.