UTOPIA Fiber Expanding into New Cities

October 10th, 2018

Woodland Hills Partners with UTOPIA Fiber to Bring Utah’s Best Internet to Residents

Woodland Hills, UTAH (October 10, 2018) — UTOPIA Fiber, Utah’s open-access fiber optic network, will bring the fastest internet speeds in the nation to the growing city of Woodland Hills starting in late 2018. Woodland Hills will become the first additional city to have UTOPIA Fiber built since the original 11 member cities formed UTOPIA in 2004.

“Woodland Hills came to us looking for a solution for its residents for reliable, high-speed internet service,” said UTOPIA Fiber’s Executive Director Roger Timmerman. “The existing private provider’s services weren’t cutting it. This shows that the UTOPIA Fiber system is working and we anticipate more cities partnering with us in the near future.”

UTOPIA Fiber currently offers residential services up to 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps for businesses.

UTOPIA Fiber will build the community’s fiber network, connect the homes, and manage the system, whereas Woodland Hills will own the network as part of its city infrastructure. UTOPIA Fiber projects are open-access, meaning it makes the fiber system available to local and regional providers rather than competing with private providers. Woodland Hills’ residents will be able to choose various services from 10 local competing ISP’s that run on UTOPIA Fiber’s network. Construction will begin in the coming months.

Woodland Hills Mayor Wendy Pray said the partnership will fill a key need for Woodland Hills residents; “In this era, reliable, fast internet service is as important as sewer, water, and electric service”.

Woodland Hills residents can visit UTOPIAfiber.com for timeline information and how to sign up for UTOPIA Fiber services. 

About UTOPIA Fiber

The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) is a community-owned fiber optic network utilizing light to transfer information, making it the fastest communication and data transfer technology in use today. Created by a group of Utah cities, UTOPIA Fiber supports open access and promotes competition in all telecommunication services.