August Monthly Update

September 1st, 2020

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We made a lot of big announcements last month here at UTOPIA Fiber! Keep reading to make sure you’re caught up with all of the progress and announcements we made in August.


  • We will be connecting Clearfield City to our open-access fiber network. Clearfield will be the 15th city to partner with us for a fiber-to-the-home project. Clearfield residents, visit our website for service maps, build-out timelines, and information on how to sign up for UTOPIA Fiber.
  • We also added a new Internet service provider to our network, Advanced Stream. They are one of 13 ISPs on our open-access system to provide speeds up to 10 Gbps! Check out our residential pricing page to learn more about Advanced Steam’s pricing options.
  • Access to high-speed Internet is not just important; it’s essential. We knew that long before the COVID-19 crisis hit and have been working with cities to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Utah since 2011. Here is a list of the areas where we provide Wi-Fi hotspots, with more coming soon.
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Footprint releases

If you live in one of the areas below, you can sign up here for the nation’s fastest speeds. If you’re waiting for your footprint to be built-out, enter your information at to be the first in line to sign up when your area is complete.   

  • We made progress in one of our newest cities, West Point City, this month, completing 259 addresses in WP001 Phase 4 and 165 addresses in WP001 Phase 5. Stay tuned for the rest of West Point City to be released in the upcoming months!
  • More addresses were released in West Valley City as well, with an additional 772 addresses in WV016 and 188 addresses in WV040 ready to connect to fiber.

HOA releases

Below is a list of the HOAs that we built-out this month. HOAs, townhomes, and apartments are typically built on private roads, which means we cannot service residents in that area unless the HOA board or property manager allows us to. If you live in an multi-dwelling community, reach out to your property management and encourage them to contact us at to discuss options.

HOA Name Addresses Footprint
Silver Pointe HOA 20 BR006
Highland Gardens HOA 104 MD001

UTOPIA Fiber in the news

  • We gave a local tech expert, Quinn from Snazzy Labs, a behind the scenes look at our office, Network Operations Center, and a fiber hut. Check out this video for an explanation of how we bring the highest speeds in the nation into your home.
  • It’s official! Clearfield City is the latest city to join our community-owned network. You can see our press release about the build-out here. And, you can read more coverage about this project from KSL, The Standard Examiner, Broadband Communities, and Utah Business.
  • Our CEO, Roger Timmerman, spoke this month about last-mile digital infrastructure at the Broadband Breakfast Digital Infrastructure Conference. You can read a summary of Roger’s contribution to the panel here.

Blog posts

  • Cities are becoming smarter, and we’re using our advanced fiber-optic network to make that possible! Click this link to learn about the Smart City technology our Innovation Lab is currently working on.
  • Signing up for the fastest communication technology on the planet should be a no brainer. But, in case you’re still wondering if you should ditch your slow speeds, here is a list of the top 5 reasons why you need UTOPIA Fiber
  • Phone support hold times have been longer than usual now that more people are working and learning from home. Here are some self-service tips for longer wait times. Try them out before calling in, or while you’re on hold to speak with a representative.

Keep checking our TwitterFacebook, and News page for more updates, and reach out to us at if you have any questions.