Special Statement from Roger Timmerman, CEO, UTOPIA Fiber on H.R. 1738 “Accessible Affordable Internet for All Act”

March 15th, 2021

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(Murray, UT)……The following Special Statement is from Roger Timmerman, CEO, UTOPIA Fiber, the nation’s largest and most-successful, publicly-owned Open Access fiber-broadband network:

“The future of American high-speed broadband will be built on a foundation of transparency, affordability, and consumer choice. These are the core values that make Open Access networks like UTOPIA Fiber successful. Open Access networks were created with the dual purpose of bringing critical fiber infrastructure to underserved and unserved broadband markets, while promoting competition and innovation among private-sector internet service providers.

“For these reasons, I’m pleased that The Accessible Affordable Internet for All Act prioritizes Open Access networks. This act will spur sorely needed competition and lower prices in the marketplace, so that those living in underserved and unserved communities will finally have access to all the digital economy offers. If passed, this groundbreaking bill will drive one of the most important infrastructure advances since the advent of the Interstate Highway System. Leaders from both sides of the aisle should support this vitally-important piece of legislation.”



Bob Knight

Harrison Edwards PR




Kim McKinley

Chief Marketing Officer, UTOPIA Fiber