Top 10 Internet Activities of 2021

March 10th, 2022

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The internet is a huge part of everyday life! It is the place we go to fulfill some of the necessities of life like connecting, shopping, and working. With about 4.66 billion users every day, have you ever wondered what most people do on the internet? We certainly did so we decided to do some research and here is what we found about the top 10 activities people use the internet for. 

In the number one spot, we have “Sending or Reading Emails”. According to research by 92% of internet users reported using the internet for emails. With the pandemic and a large majority of people working from home, this isn’t too surprising.  

The second most popular internet activity is “Using Search Engines to Find Information”. One of the best things about the internet is having access to a wealth of information at the drop of a hat. With internet browsers like Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing and Safari it makes sense that this would be at the top of the list. 

In third place, we have “Searching for a Map or Driving Directions”. Long gone are the days of paper maps and mapquest. With Google and Apple maps getting directions on our phones is easier than ever! 

Coming in fourth place we have “Look for Info on a Hobby or Interest”. It’s amazing how the internet can broaden our world and introduce us to new things. There are a bunch of hobbies out there waiting to be discovered, and it’s cool to see people using the internet to discover them!

The Fifth most popular activity is  “Researching a Product or Service Before Buying”. With the popularity of online shopping increasing it’s no wonder that this one is high on the list. When you can’t see a product physically before you buy it it’s important to do as much research as possible and check out the reviews before buying it for yourself! 

Holding out in sixth place is to “Check the Weather”. Checking the weather is something that has absolutely been made easier by the internet. You can have all of the latest weather updates available to you at the click of a button. 

In seventh place, we have to “Look for Health/Medical Information”. Like a lot of these other categories, it’s nice to have the internet to research the things we don’t know especially when it comes to important things like your health! 

Coming right behind in the Eighth spot we have “Get Travel Info”. It’s incredible how easy the internet has made traveling! With a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can book any trip you want from the comfort of your home.  

Number nine on this list is to “Get the News”. Staying informed on the news is so important, and with the internet you have no shortage of options! Now you can have access to a wide variety of publications anytime you want! 

Lastly in tenth place, we have to “Buy a Product”. Online shopping has really taken off so it isn’t much of a shock to see this one in the top ten! With online retailers like Amazon, it is hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. 

We might be a little biased, but it is exciting to see what people use the internet for! Were you surprised by the results? Let us know on our socials what you thought people did on the internet.