UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update August 2023

August 31st, 2023

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We can’t believe that August is already over! It has been an incredible month here at UTOPIA Fiber, and we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things that have happened! From construction announcements and making waves in the news to exciting footprint releases here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening!


The Bountiful Fiber project is officially underway! We are so excited to announce that construction on the Bountiful Fiber project has begun, and Bountiful City residents are one step closer to fast fiber internet! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about Bountiful Fiber soon! Learn more by visiting mybountifulfiber.com.

This month marks the first address to be released in Cedar Hills! We announced the partnership with Cedar Hills back in January of 2022, and we are so excited to be connecting the first addresses this month! In total 1,302 addresses are now able to connect to the UTOPIA Fiber network. To check the progress of Cedar Hills and our other cities visit our buildout timelines page.

Footprint releases

This has been a super exciting month for Cedar Hills! This month we completed phases 1 and 2 of footprint CH001 in Cedar Hills. These phases completed the footprint and added a total of 1,302 addresses to our network. Check out our sign-up page to see if you can get connected today!

Blog Posts

Optimizing Connectivity: A Guide to Router & ONT Maintenance
In today’s age of digital connectivity, it is more important now than it ever was before to make sure that our home connectivity devices are in tip-top shape! That’s why this month we are walking you through the best practices for taking care of your router and ONT units.

UTOPIA Fiber in the News

Check out who’s talking about us in the news:

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