Interview With A GIS Technician

March 8th, 2024

GIS Technician

You know what time it is!  Time to meet another one of the incredible employees here at Team UTOPIA! This month we are talking to GIS technician Mauricio Jimenez to hear all about what it’s like to work in the OSP Engineering department at UTOPIA Fiber! 

What’s your name, and position, and how long have you been at UTOPIA Fiber?

Hello, My Name is Mauricio Jimenez I am a part of UTOPIA Fiber’s OSP Engineering Department, and my Position is GIS Technician. I have been with UTOPIA for approximately 4 years now!

What do you do as the GIS technician at UTOPIA Fiber?

My Role as a GIS Technician consists of analyzing and updating our digital maps that hold important data used by most of UTOPIA Fiber’s departments and various contractors. The data I work with consists of fiber location, Conduit sizes, and material types along with unique IDs that help us locate specific fiber strands across our various geographies.

What does GIS stand for and what is its purpose at UTOPIA FIber? 

GIS stands for Geographic Information System and its purpose at UTOPIA is to help us know the What, Where, and When. What is being installed, where it is being installed, and when it has been installed. Keeping track of our fiber is important, so its purpose plays a huge role here at UTOPIA Fiber from a digital standpoint.

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

A typical workday consists of lots of communication whether it is through emails, phone calls, or Microsoft Teams. I am always in touch with Engineering and Bluestakes to make sure any changes in the field are updated on both ends. As well as making sure our maps reflect the work that contractors do for us as well. 

What inspired you to go into this position?

I was always fascinated with how maps worked as a kid. I’d sometimes test how accurate a paper map would be whenever I was on road trips with my parents. But growing up and going through college I recognized how important and crucial digital maps are on a day-to-day basis. Incorporating newer technologies that we now have available such as software, drones, and LIDAR, I quickly became motivated to make it a part of my career. 

What led you to work at UTOPIA Fiber? 

I started at UTOPIA Fiber as an intern, but I originally knew about UTOPIA Fiber years before I even knew I would join the family as a GIS Technician. I was very fascinated with the technology of fiber internet, and I was one of many impatiently waiting to get their service installed in West Valley. So, the history of knowing what UTOPIA was and having the opportunity to join as an intern really came together extremely well into what I have become today. 

What do you think is the biggest obstacle your team faces?

We are always faced with obstacles individually. My team consists of 5 that work directly with GIS and every day has its own unique challenges for each of us. But I would say it is never a dull moment trying to tackle any obstacle, big or small to say the least. 

What’s your favorite thing about working at UTOPIA Fiber?

My favorite thing about working at UTOPIA Fiber has and always will be, as many previous employees have mentioned, the people. The connections and rapport we hold with each other are unique and I believe have been the key to our success.

What’s been the funniest memory you’ve made at UTOPIA Fiber so far? 

I would have to say having a baby gambit for sure if you know you know! 

What do you wish people knew about UTOPIA Fiber?

UTOPIA Fiber is here for the people. We understand some if not all the frustrations that come with slow internet. It is our duty to provide a better and faster option for your online streaming needs and even going as far as helping your business connect reliably and smoothly really shows that you have a win-win relationship with us.

What would you say is your favorite color and why? 

My favorite color has varied quite a bit as I have gotten older, but I’d say Candy Apple Red looks good especially if it’s on a classic car. 

What’s a hobby or activity outside of work that you are passionate about? 

Lately, I have been doing a lot of research on building my next FPV drone. You get amazing cinematic shots, and the adrenaline you get as you are flying at great speeds for a drone is incredible. 

Thanks for joining us for today’s interview! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Mauricio as much as we did! We are so grateful to him and all of the employees at Team UTOPIA for the incredible work they put in every day to bring the residents of Utah fast fiber internet!

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