UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update April 2024

April 30th, 2024

Monthly Update April 2024

Welcome to another Monthly Update with UTOPIA Fiber! This month we have a few exciting developments to share with you!! From new footprint releases to upcoming events, we’re here to keep you in the loop on everything going on with Team UTOPIA. 


We are hiring! If you’ve ever wanted to join us in bringing fast fiber internet to communities now is the time! We have a couple of new positions that are now accepting applications: 

GIS Tech 1 
Field Service/Locate Technician (Southern Utah Area)

To learn more about these positions or apply for the job check out our Careers page

Footprint releases

This has been an exciting month of footprint releases for West Haven! This month alone we’ve released a total of 664 addresses across 4 phases and the growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon! To break it down we connected 384 addresses in WHV04, 213 in WHV01, and 67 in WHV02. Check out our sign-up page to see if your address can get connected today!

Events Coming Up In May: 

West Haven Touch-A-Truck 
Date: May 6
Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm 
Location: West Haven Sports Park, 4215 S 3900 W, West Haven, UT 84401

Blog Posts

Interview With A Customer Service Manager
It’s time to give you another exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the departments here at UTOPIA Fiber! This month we are talking to Customer Service Manager Jessica Tuatonga to learn all about what it’s like to work in customer service at UTOPIA Fiber!

8 Facts about Fiber Optics You May Not Know
We might be a little biased but in our opinion, fiber optic internet is one of the most exciting technological advances the world has made in the past century! Even though it’s been around for a while there are still so many interesting things to learn about it. So join us today as we walk through some of our favorite fun facts about fiber internet!

UTOPIA Fiber in the News

Check out who’s talking about us in the news:

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