UTOPIA Fiber Monthly Update May 2024

May 31st, 2024

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May has come to a close which means It’s time again for another exciting Monthly Update with UTOPIA Fiber!  We’re excited to share with you the latest news on new footprint releases, job openings, and exciting articles in the news! Keep reading to stay in the loop on everything happening with Team UTOPIA. 


If you’ve ever wanted to join us in bringing fast fiber internet to communities now is the time! We have a new position open  in our Field Service department that is now accepting applications: 

Field Service/Locate Technician (Southern Utah Area)

To learn more about these positions or apply for the job check out our Careers page

Footprint releases

It was another exciting month for the residents of West Haven! This month alone we connected a total of 497 addresses on our network across 2 footprints! To break it down we connected  288 addresses in WHV02 and  209 addresses in  WHV04. Check out our sign-up page to see if your address can get connected today!

Blog Posts

Interview With A  Field Service Technician
We hope you’re ready to meet another one of the incredible employees here at Team UTOPIA! This month we are talking to Field Service Technician Sam Brown to learn about what it’s like to work in our Field Services department!

Sprinkler Solutions: What to Do if Your Fiber Installation Affects Your Yard
Spring is officially here, which means it’s time to turn on our sprinklers and get our lawns ready for the warmer months ahead! If our crew has recently worked in your yard, you might be wondering what to do if your lawn, especially your sprinkler system, has been affected by your conduit installation. So join us as we dive into what to do if your lawn, or more specifically your sprinkler system, has been damaged during the installation process.

UTOPIA Fiber in the News

Check out who’s talking about us in the news:

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UTOPIA announces addition of several ISPs at Broadband Communities Summit

UTOPIA Continues to Weave Web of ISPs

Utah Locals Are Getting Cheap 10 Gbps Fiber Thanks To Local Governments

Municipal broadband advocates fight off attacks from “dark money” groups

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