UTOPIA Fiber in Your Daily Life

December 6th, 2019

Are you getting your daily dose of fiber? Fiber optics, that is.

You may not realize it, but fiber optics are working behind the scenes to support many aspects of your daily life. Here are just a few of the things that UTOPIA Fiber can do for you and your community:


  • As an open-access network, UTOPIA Fiber can reduce telecommunication monopolies in your community which will increase competition and decrease the price of internet services.
  • A fiber connection can increase the value of your home. Recent surveys show that access to fiber Internet can significantly increase the perceived value of a single-family home or condo.
  • Reduce “brain drain” in your community. Fiber connections make your community a more attractive place to live for tech-savvy populations and deter them from moving away.


  • Fiber connections dramatically improve your streaming speed. UTOPIA Fiber streaming speeds are up to 30 times faster than current copper wire connections.
  • UTOPIA Fiber provides parallel upload and download speeds. Whether you are downloading new music or uploading pictures from your recent trip, you will have the fastest speeds in the nation with up to 10 Gbps/10 Gbps.
  • Interactive gaming and virtual reality technology runs better on fiber. We know your kids are already begging for the newest video game for the holidays, a fiber connection means that they won’t have to spend all day waiting for it to download- giving you more peace and quiet.
  • Telecommuting is more efficient with a fiber connection. UTOPIA Fiber allows you to work from home without lag, making you more efficient as you get work done from the comfort of your home.
  • Home security systems and city-wide video surveillance also use fiber optics. Keeping you and your community safe with the fastest communication speeds available.

City Services:

  • Cities are using fiber internet in city parks and other public places to give their community access to free public Wi-Fi.
  • Smart parking can also be powered by UTOPIA Fiber. Giving you the ability to park, pay on your phone, and go on with your day. No more fumbling for quarters in your car.
  • City meetings can be broadcasted with fiber so that you can stay up to date with local politics and council meetings.
  • Over a dozen Utah cities currently use UTOPIA Fiber to power their air quality testing. Leading to cleaner air and an overall healthier society.


  • Fiber can enhance connectivity in schools so that students are on the fastest Internet in the nation while they learn. Studies show that students on broadband perform better than students who aren’t.
  • Access video conferences, remotely collaborate on class projects, and watch educational videos and lectures without lag or buffering.