June Monthly Update

July 1st, 2021


2021 is officially halfway over and we’re excited to fill you in on what we’ve been up to here at UTOPIA Fiber! Read on to see what we accomplished this June.


  • We’re hiring! We are currently seeking individuals to join our team. Follow this link to see what positions are open.

Footprint Releases

A lot of building is going on right now in our cities, so make sure to check out our build-out timelines for upcoming releases. And fill out your information at http://givemeutopiafiber.com/ so that we can contact you as soon as your home is ready for sign-up! Here’s a run-down of the releases we had this past month.

  • We completed our entire MU002 footprint, connecting the last 61 homes in Murray City. Residents in MU002 can sign up now for the fastest speeds in the nation.
  • An additional 969 addresses in Clearfield have been connected in CF006, completing the footprint.
  • West Valley City has added 1,095 new addresses between WV029 and WV032. Both footprints are complete with 123 new addresses in WV032 and 972 addresses in WV029.
  • Applegate Condos in Murray City have added 179 addresses in MU023.

UTOPIA Fiber in the news

  • UTOPIA Fiber CEO, Roger Timmerman, was on an episode of The Divide discussing the factors that go into making a successful municipal fiber network.

Keep checking our TwitterFacebook, and News page for more updates, and don’t be a stranger- reach out to us at communications@utopiafiber.com if you have any questions!