May Monthly Update

June 1st, 2021


Another month has flown by and we’re back with another update. Read on to see what our team got up to this May.


  • We’re hiring! We are currently seeking individuals to join our team. Follow this link to see what positions are open.
  • Last month we announced our partnership with the City of Pleasant Grove! We’re still working on our build-out timelines and availability maps, so keep checking back for more information.

Footprint Releases

A lot of building is going on right now in our cities, so make sure to check out our build-out timelines for upcoming releases. And fill out your information at so that we can contact you as soon as your home is ready for sign-up! Here’s a run-down of the release(s) we had this past month.

  • We completed our entire MU013 footprint, connecting the last 47 homes in Murray City. Residents in MU013 can sign up now for the fastest speeds in the nation.
  • An additional 1,053 addresses in Clearfield have been connected in CF005 and CF006. 283 of those addresses belong to CF005 and the other 770 addresses finish off phase 1 of CF006!
  • West Valley City has added 1,618 new addresses in WV032.
  • The Gables HOA in Midvale has added 68 addresses in MD009.
  • Green Valley Condos in Lindon have added 46 homes to LI005.
  • Sun Meadows HOA in West Point added an additional 29 homes in WP001.
  • Riviera Townhouses HOA in Centerville added 32 homes in CV006.

UTOPIA Fiber in the news

  • Our CMO, Kim McKinley, was on two more episodes of the Connect This! Podcast, one talking about what Open Access is like for ISPs and the other discussing a new rule issued by President Biden’s Treasury Department. You can find them here and here.
  • UTOPIA Fiber was featured in Bloomberg and The Bond Buyer in articles about the future of municipal broadband.

Blog and Vlog posts

  • It’s finally sprinkler season, so check out this blog post if we’ve been working in your yard lately.

Keep checking our TwitterFacebook, and News page for more updates, and don’t be a stranger- reach out to us at if you have any questions!