Sprinkler Season! What to do if your Lawn has Been Damaged.

April 7th, 2022

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Spring is officially here which means it is time to turn on our sprinklers and take care of our lawns. But what does that mean if we’ve been working in your yard recently? Let’s talk about what to do if your lawn, or more specifically your sprinkler system, has been damaged by one of our crews. 

First, let’s get some important facts out in the open:

After you have signed your agreement and have scheduled your appointment for installation we will contact Blue Stakes on your behalf. Blue Stakes is a service that contacts utility companies who will come to your house to mark their utility lines with paint or flags. Unfortunately, your sprinkler system is not considered a utility and therefore can’t be marked by Blue Stakes. This can lead to damage to your sprinkler system when we are installing your conduit and fiber. 

The possibility of sprinkler line damage can be scary but never fear! If we cause any kind of damage while installing your fiber we will take care of the repairs. All you need to do is contact us as soon as you notice the damage. 

Taking care of damages doesn’t just apply to your sprinklers. If you notice any other damage we may have unintentionally inflicted on your property during the installation process let us know, and we will get it taken care of. 

Now that you know we have you covered, here’s how to get us involved:

First, things first make sure to test your sprinkler lines as soon as the weather allows and take note of where the damage is. 

Next, take stock of any grass or other damage we may have caused.

Once you have collected the information, send it over to our incredible customer service team, and they will get things set up to be repaired. You can reach them through these channels.

Phone: 801.613.3880

Email: support@utopiafiber.com

Website Chat: www.utopiafiber.com

Once we have been contacted we will be out in no less than 24 hours to start the repair process to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

We hope this helps you know what to do if you notice damage caused by your fiber installation! If you still have questions please contact us at communications@utopiafiber.com