Monthly Update March 2022

March 30th, 2022

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March has come and gone, and we are here to share with you the latest UTOPIA Fiber news! From new additions to the UTOPIA Fiber team to fun facts we shared in blogs check out the article below to see what we were up to this month! 


We are hiring! If you have ever wanted to join the UTOPIA Fiber team, now is the time to do it! We have several new positions open and are accepting applications! Check out our website here to see all available positions.

We have some exciting new additions to the UTOPIA Fiber team! This month we welcomed Tona Foster as our new NOC Manager, Zaydrian Webster as a Locator, Bowen Humphries as our Operations Analyst, and Jason Roberts as our new CFO! We love seeing our team growing so we can better serve our customers! 

Footprint releases 

We didn’t have any new footprints released this month but we have several coming up that will be released in the coming weeks! These footprints are MU011, MU010, MU006, WV040A, WV012, and CF001. We are so excited to continue to complete more footprints and connect more people to high-speed internet! For more information on buildout, timelines visit our website here.

Blogs Posts 

Top 10 Internet Activities of 2021

Take a dive into what people were up to on the internet in 2021. We researched the most popular activities people used the internet for and shared that information with you! Read the full blog post here!

Fiber-Optic Internet: 13 Definitions You Need to Know

When it comes to fiber internet there can be a lot of terms that are hard to understand. In this blog post, we walk you through 13 words and their definitions that will help you understand your fiber connection a little better. Read the full blog post here!

UTOPIA Fiber’s Internet Service Providers: What Sets Them Apart?

We now have 16 different internet service providers for you to choose from when signing up for our services! We know that having so many choices can be overwhelming, so we asked our ISPs to share with us what sets them apart to help you find the best one for your needs! Read the full blog post here!

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