Employee Spotlight: Kellie Jeffrey

July 6th, 2016

Utah_Children_PhotographyThis month’s spotlight is all about Kellie Jeffrey. Kellie started working at UTOPIA fiber almost 7 years ago as an Executive Assistant. She was immediately impressed with how much the staff was able to accomplish with so few people. Kellie came on to help while the current assistant was on maternity leave and was only supposed to be here temporarily, but 7 years and many roles later, she is now the Board Secretary and works in the Accounting Department as Billing Coordinator.

As Board Secretary, she schedules and attends all meetings and takes minutes for the board. As Billing Coordinator, Kellie’s main role is to handle all the billing and receivables in the company. She has to work with every department, city and ISP and loves the complexity of working for so many ‘bosses’. She loves being involved in the entire process and the ability to go to any department and learn something new. “We aim to please each city, provider, and end user, but it’s difficult to accomplish that for everyone,” she states. “The staff here drinks, sleeps, eats, and breathes UTOPIA and we are dedicated to its success.”

Kellie loves working for a local company and enjoys the small business feel. “I’ve met a lot of people over nearly 7 years and have gained some great friendships,” she says. “More than anything, it’s exciting to see the underdog succeed and be involved in that success. We hit the ground running and are growing faster and faster each day.”

When Kellie isn’t working, she loves spending time and bowling in a league with her son Philip as well as playing indoor soccer. Kellie is persistent and determined and we are so grateful she’s decided to stick around as long as she has. Thanks Kellie!