Employee Spotlight: Tona Foster

September 7th, 2016

11900082_1626203430969407_1381822255171241142_nFor the past couple of years, Tona Foster has worked here at UTOPIA as one of our hardworking Network Engineers. Tona had been in the networking business for years and remembers first hearing about UTOPIA when she was working at MSN. “Fiber optics was a brand new technology and everyone was talking about it,” she states. Tona ended up moving to West Valley City where UTOPIA was available and decided to give it a try. “I was very impressed with the service and new that was where I wanted to work.”

As a network engineer, Tona’s job is to design and implement a network that ensures solid connectivity and fast speeds to our customers’ homes and businesses. “This is a very complicated network,” Tona says. “But everyone here really cares about their job and the success of this company. I wish everyone knew how awesome we really are.”

Tona loves staying busy and learning new technology and working at UTOPIA allows her to do that. “It can be challenging to work here, especially during fiber cut season, but I am very grateful to be here,” she states. “We are only going to grow. Our offices are expanding and we are building more 100 Gbps links to support whatever is happening on our network.”

Not only does Tona keep busy at work, she stays busy in her spare time too. From photography, motorcycle riding and Taekwon-do to hiking, biking and practicing her mad trapeze skills, Tona will always have something going on. This mother of 5 is definitely the social butterfly around here and loves to talk and get to know people. We love how dedicated Tona is and couldn’t be happier to be able to work with and see her every day.