Dedicated Internet Connections Explained

May 7th, 2020

Did you know that when you sign up with the average Internet service provider, you’re sharing your connection (and speeds!) with your neighbors? This could mean your entire neighborhood is connected and sharing speeds through a single cable. UTOPIA Fiber customers connect directly to our network with speeds up to 10 Gbps. That means you’re not sharing your speeds with other subscribers and you won’t see a slowdown at peak times of the day.

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What is a Dedicated Internet Connection?

A dedicated Internet connection is a fixed-bandwidth connection that runs directly to a single household. When you have a dedicated connection, you essentially own your own bandwidth and will rarely (if ever) experience downtime. In comparison, a shared Internet connection is a connection that is shared by multiple homes through the same Internet line. Shared connections can result in slower download and upload speeds and downtime during peak times of the day.

Why Do Dedicated Connections Matter?


The biggest advantage of a dedicated connection is how reliable your speeds will be. With a shared connection, your speeds will slow at peak times which can impact your ability to stream and download. When you have a dedicated line, the speeds you pay for are yours alone. This means your Netflix show won’t start buffering when your neighbors come home from work at 5pm.


When your Internet connection is not shared, you have full access to your speeds with no interference from the outside. At any point during the day, you will get 100% performance up and down, no matter what your neighbors are streaming. Whether you have 250 Mbps, 1 Gbps, or 10 Gbps from UTOPIA Fiber you will consistently see these speeds throughout the day.


Having a secure Internet connection is a priority for any household. With a dedicated connection, your home network is safer simply because it is used only by the people in your home. Our fiber runs from our huts (underground or aerial) directly to your residence without interference. Having a direct connection can also make it easier for you to use security applications because the only users will be the people in your home.

With a dedicated connection you can download, upload, stream, and communicate in ways you’ve never been able to before. Sign up today to ensure that your speeds are always lightning fast. Have questions about your dedicated connection? Email us at or give us a call at 801-613-3880.