May Monthly Update

June 1st, 2020

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Like many of you, we’re doing a lot from home lately. We’re calling into our doctor’s appointments, video chatting with grandma, and working from home. So, we understand how important reliable Internet is to everyone right now and we’re working overtime to get everyone connected to our network. Here is a breakdown of the progress we made this May:

  • We are thrilled to have completed Phases 2, 3, and 4 of the WP002 footprint in West Point City this month. This connected the entire WP002 footprint, with an additional ~1,066 addresses, to our community-owned network. WP001 is scheduled to be done by the end of 2020! West Point City residents: fill out your information at to make sure you can sign up as soon as your home is available.
  • We made some major progress in Payson City, releasing PA016 with ~530 address, PA009 with ~544 addresses, and Phase 1 of PA004 with an additional ~75 addresses. If you live in these areas of Payson you can sign up today.
  • We released footprints in West Valley City, Brigham City, and Orem City this month as well. Connecting an additional ~1,154 addresses in WV030, ~70 addresses in BR006, and ~169 in OR017 to the fastest speeds in the country!
  • The past few months have drastically changed the way we use the Internet. At UTOPIA Fiber, we’ve seen a 50% increase in signups in the past few months. Check out this article in the Salt Lake City Tribune to learn more.
  • Our Chief Marketing Officer, Kim McKinley, chatted with The Broadband Bunch earlier this month about our background as one of the earliest Open Access networks in North America and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on our network. You can listen here.  
  • Morgan City, Utah is one of the smallest and most rural communities in the nation to have full fiber connectivity. They now have access to the fastest Internet speeds in the country and are proud to say they have no stoplights in their city! You can read the KSL article about our build-out in Morgan here.
  • Fiber is the fastest communication technology available today. Read our blog post for a breakdown of the three most common types of Internet connections.
  • All UTOPIA Fiber customers connect directly to our network with speeds up to 10 Gbps. With a dedicated connection you can download, upload, stream, and communicate in ways you’ve never been able to before. You can read our blog explaining direct connections here.
  • Have you been wondering how your coworkers are using funny and creative zoom backgrounds? Here is our guide for how to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom, including some funny examples that you can save and use.

Keep checking our TwitterFacebook, and News page for more updates, and reach out to us at if you have any questions.